Contest for the best
Art & Science project 2018
ART & SCIENCE — a platform for interaction between science and contemporary art that will unite artists, designers, scientists and engineers.
British Higher School of Art and Design holds a competition for the Best Art & Science Project 2018.

Art & Scince will become a platform for new ideas, expand the understanding of the audience in the area of scientific and artistic developments and discoveries, will promote the emergence of a variety of experimental projects, and the new level of relations between contemporary art, design and science.

Please, fill out the registration form to participate in the contest. This contest will take place in 2017 – 2018 school year.
Students, teachers and curators can take part in the contest
This contest is for the projects, which students of any BHSAD educational program or course will create during the current school year 2017 – 2018. These projects could be done individually or in groups, managed by program leader / tutor or independently. If the project has been done under supervision of a program leader or tutor of the BHSAD, then the program leader / tutor is considered as a member of the project team. All team members are participants of this contest.

Other parties such as students of other universities or other parts of consortium could be part of the project team but they are not participating in this particular contest.
November, 2017
Contest starts on November, 22th, 2017
June, 2018
We are waiting for your applications until June, 30th, 2018
August, 2018
We will announce the winner project on August,1st, 2018

What is important in the project?
Criteria for the project evaluation and selection:
Social significance
ecology, medicine, education, culture
Technology significance
VR / AR, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Big Data
Business value
live briefs or similar perspectives
Jury — the Expert Council of BHSAD
The best project will be awarded with 1 fully paid visitor trip to Ars Electronica Festival (Linz, September 6-8, 2018), the largest festival of multimedia art in Europe which is hosting up to 80 thousand visitors annually.
PR-support of projects
Top 3 projects will get PR support from BHSAD including publications on respective internet portals and social media, mentioning all projects member's names and their roles.
In case the project is completed before March 8, 2018, before the end of the contest and if Jury approves, BHSAD will assist in processing and submitting an application for the Prix Ars Electronica — The Competition (acceptance of applications by March 15, 2018), which allows project demonstration at Festival exhibition in September 2018 in case of selection by the competitive commission of Ars Electronica.
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Contest application
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Vera Baklashova
Art & Science project director, BHSAD
Phone: +7 (495) 640 30 15 ext. 470
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